Key Functions


Accountant General Gilgit-Baltistan derives functional powers from The Gilgit-Baltistan Controller General of Accounts (Appointment, Functions and Powers) Act 2012. Functions and responsibilities, inter alia, are as under:

  1. Authorize payments and withdrawals from the Consolidated Fund and Public Account of GB Council and GB Government against approved budgetary provisions after applying pre-audit checks as the Auditor General may, from time to time, prescribe.
  2. Incorporate into the system summarized accounts of Self Accounting Entities like Forest, PWD, etc.
  3. Prepare and maintain accounts of GB Council and GB Government in such forms and in accordance with such methods and principles as the Auditor General of GB may, with the approval of Chairman GB Council, prescribe from time to time.
  4. Maintain detailed Expenditure and Revenue accounts and report to the stake holders Summaries of monthly/quarterly accounts and annual Appropriation Accounts and Financial Statements on prescribed formats.
  5. Maintain GP Fund, Leave and Long Term Advances accounts etc of Govt employees and their HR data and pension accounts of retired employees.
  6. Lay down the principles governing the internal Financial Controls for the GB Council and GB Government Departments in consultation with the Council and the Government, as the case may be for maintaining financial discipline.